Lifespan on Cesky Fouseks
Please, fill in truthfully an information about your Cesky Fousek. The information helps us detect how is the breed doing in terms of longevity and health. The questionnaire is fully anonymous and obtained data will be part of a broader topic of Health status of Cesky Fousek breed which is currently being prepared at Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences at the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague.
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Name of the dog including a kennel name
Your nationality
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Had your dog a Korthals Griffon background and if so, in what generation? (mostly for the US responders)
Date of birth
Date of death (or at least month and year if you are not sure)
Are you the first owner of the dog?
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Was there a different owner of the dog before you got him?
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Environment which the dog lived in
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What was the most often housing of your Fousek? (you can choose multiple options)
Cause of death
If your dog was euthanized, what was the reason?
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Health problems during the life of the dog (have you dog had some health problems - for example joint problems, infections, allergies, alopecia, heart condition, etc...if so, in what age?)
Thank you for your responses and if you like you can fill in your name as well :)
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