The process of updating the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) Tourism Strategy 2016–2025 is underway. An important part of the development process is a high level of stakeholder participation. The intentions and approaches are presented in the attached PowerPoint.

We are seeking your feedback and advice as we move through the process. The first opportunity to do so is by providing responses to any or all of the following questions. Your responses will be compiled anonymously. However, we ask you to identify your role in the tourism economy so we can classify responses.

1. The preliminary vision statement is: “Tourism in the Greater Mekong Subregion is integrated, prosperous, equitable and resilient with effective partnerships and knowledge sharing”. Please comment on the proposed vision statement?
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2. From your perspective, what are three key issues and problems that should be addressed in the updated GMS Tourism Strategy 2016–2025?
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3. Please identify programs and projects that would address the issues and problems that you have described. For example, how could the updated tourism sector strategy help to improve your destination, help your business to be more successful, or help position tourism to generate better social, economic and environmental benefits?
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4. Please raise any other issues that you feel should be considered while formulating and implementing the updated GMS Tourism Strategy 2016–2025?
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