Financial Aid Application Fall For All 2019
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Welcome to Crystal Lake Camps' online Financial Aid application. If you have any questions during this process please feel welcome to contact us by calling or emailing Nathan Bowen (phone: 570-584-5608, email:

Camp tuition funds from Crystal Lake Camps are available to families with demonstrated need who would otherwise not be able to attend our program. Applications are reviewed by CLC’s Financial Aid Committee, and grants are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

The Financial Aid Committee expects that a family makes a meaningful contribution:
• We know this will look different for each family, but contributions can be a few dollars, a plane ticket, some of the tuition, etc.

We urge families to begin early with budgeting and planning for how to afford camp. Waiting until a few months beforehand often means funds from most sources, including CLC, can be already depleted. With this in mind, we urge families to consider saving some of their own money or earnings to contribute to camp so they cover their camp store purchases or possibly more. CLC recommends investigating the following financial planning and funding sources:

Payment Plan: CLC is happy to work with families on setting up a payment plan with monthly payments to make camp affordable. Please be in touch with the CLC office to set this up. This has been successful for many families, so we strongly urge you to consider this option. CLC does not expect to be paid in one lump sum unless that is easiest.

Gifts from relatives and friends: CLC Gift Certificates are available from the camp office. Many people like to use these for birthday or Christmas gifts.
Please fill out one application per family. Aid applications can be considered only after the Fall For All registration (which is located online at has been submitted.

Please be concise, complete all questions in this application, and do not leave any questions blank, or CLC will not be able to review your application.

Fall For All: October 11-14

Our fees for Fall For All are based on room-style. You'll see the fees listed within the registration.
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