Preorder form for S-Drive BLDC driver
This form is for all people interested in S-Drive BLDC driver PCB.
S-Drives main goal is to make compliant robotics available to everybody!!
What makes S-Drive special? It is fully integrated solution for driving BLDC gimbal motors i.e. It has integrated:
- 10 bit Encoder
- Motor temperature sensor
- mosfet termal shutdown
- 2 types of communication: Serial UART and RS485
- Can be daisy chained (Still not supported in software)
- Small footprint 50x41 mm
- Currents up to 5A and 36V
- Aditional EEPROM, LEDS...
- Current sensing ability
- BEMF sensing on all phases
- Supprots FOC control
- Up to 40 KHz switching for silent operation
- Can run 2 FIRMWARES!

You can check capabilities of S-Drive here:
Price of the board will be around 50-55 euros and will be available with additional options like, cables, connector boards, programmers...
Here you can see S-Drive BLDC driver (Green board) and connector board (Blue)
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