Want to join the Street Science Community?
The Street Science Community (https://streetscience.community/) is a voluntary-based non-profit group that aims to bring science to the public. We aim to organize workshops in which pupils, students and citizens come into contact with molecular biology, data-analysis, and open science by extracting, sequencing and analyzing of DNA.

Our values

We have high ethical standards, including:

Education: Help educate the public about science and biotechnology, their benefits and implications
Transparency: Emphasize transparency and the sharing of ideas, knowledge, data, protocols and results.
Open science: Promote citizen science and decentralized access to science.
Modesty Know you don’t know everything.
Community: Carefully listen to any concerns and questions and respond honestly
Respect: Respect humans and all living systems.
Responsibility: Recognize the complexity and dynamics of living systems and our responsibility towards them.

What do we need? You! In whatever way you can help.
We need expertise in fundraising, science, education, communication, interaction with the public. We’d love your feedback along the way, and of course.
Get involved

If you think you can help in any of the areas listed above (and we bet you can) or in any of the many areas that we haven’t yet thought of (and here we’re sure you can) then please check out our contributors’ guidelines and our roadmap.

Please note that it’s very important to us that we maintain a positive and supportive environment for everyone who wants to participate. When you join us we ask that you follow our code of conduct in all interactions both on and offline.

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