Public Comment: PFAS Concerns
On January 19, 2023, the Cincinnati Board of Park Commissioners doubled its funding support to $300,000 for the installation of a synthetic turf and concrete dog park in Burnet Woods. The proposed location for the dog park is a natural greenspace with mature trees, clover, and lyreleaf sage which would be, at best, exposed to the ravages of construction, PFAS/forever chemical contamination, heat island creation and soil compaction if this project reaches fruition. This form is an effort to provide voice, via a writing campaign, to those concerned about the introduction of "forever chemicals" into any public greenspace in the City of Cincinnati, and especially into the spaces which are vital to public well-being and to our city's fight against climate change, namely our city parks and playgrounds. Upon completion of this form, notice will be sent to below listed community leaders with your responses.
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I oppose the use of synthetic turf or other PFAS containing materials in Cincinnati City Parks and public greenspaces, as well as for the construction of a dog park in Burnet Woods, for the following reasons:
 *  Synthetic turf contains, among other chemicals, PFAS which will leach into the natural environment and could expose humans, dogs, and wildlife to pollutants known to cause cancer and other morbidities.
 *  In all 12 of the indices the USEPA uses for Environmental Justice screening, the residents who live closest to the proposed site for the dog park in Burnet Woods are in the 80th percentile for exposure. In 6 of the indices, they are in the 90th percentile. In other words, the installation of the dog park will introduce additional risk to residents who already carry a disproportionate share of exposure to environmental risk. 
The following areas of concern resound with me when I consider the use of synthenic turf/PFAS containing materials in public greenspaces generally or construction of the Burnet Woods Dog Park specifically: (Check all that apply)
I agree
> Lack of unbiased community engagement on IF or where a dog park should be located for the impacted communities
> Our water and air quality are in a state of decline not being taken seriously enough by elected leaders.
> Concerns about the financial crisis currently faced by Cincinnati Parks
> Lack of a cohesive plan to implement amenities such as dog parks equitably across the entire park system
> I am uncomfortable with children being exposed to synthetic turf due to its known chemical components.
> Lack of transparency in the decision-making process which allowed this project to fast-track past other pressing park needs related to infrastructure repair, accessibility needs, staffing needs, etc.
> This project will degrade greenspace unnecessarily when it could be used to add greenspace to the community through use of an already developed location.
> This proposal is causing great conflict in my community and between my neighbors.
> Concerns that our parks are already failing at regular maintenance in terms of existing infrastructure and daily mainentenance needs (litter removal, facility repair, invasive species removal, etc.) and are heavily reliant on volunteer labor to meet basic needs.
> Mature natural fields and old growth trees should be a priority for conservation and not development opportunities in our public greenspaces.
In my own words, I oppose the use of synthetic turf  or other PFAS containing materials in Cincinnati City Parks and public greenspaces, as well as for the construction of a dog park in Burnet Woods, for the below reasons. (Some evidence-based research materials relating to PFAS, synthetic turf and animal waste concentration can be found here should you want that information for your response.)
I acknowledge that upon completion of this form, an email will be sent for public record entry to the Cincinnati Board of Park Commissioners, Cincinnati Mayor Aftab Pureval, and the current members of Cincinnati City Council Climate, Environment and Infrastructure Committee: Meeka Owens, Jan-Michele Kearney, Jeff Cramerding, Mark Jeffreys, and Seth Walsh. A copy will also be sent to Preserve Burnet Woods. *
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