Nighthawk Promotion Request

Fill out this form to request a promotion. This form must be submitted NLT 11:59 pm the Saturday prior to the promotion meeting. The promotion meeting is usually the 4th Monday of the month and will be announced via calldowns.

Please ensure you've completed all promotion requirements before requesting a promotion by checking your "Cadet Promotions Track Report" found at eServices: > Menu > Cadet Programs > Cadet Promotions Track Report

Refer to the Cadet Super Chart for in depth requirements at:

NOTE: An extra requirement is mandatory for every other promotion (C/A1C, C/SSgt, C/MSgt, C/CMSgt ect.) you must complete a Review Board.

The promotion requests do NOT carry over from week to week, so be sure to request the promotion again if you were not promoted on the week of your first request.

This form is to request your official promotion ceremony and pinning. If you complete all the requirements of your promotion, you will still be promoted in eServices.

If you are confused, try looking at the form again; otherwise, please refer to your Flight Staff if you have any questions or concerns.
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