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Vision: We enable and empower everyone to choose safe, accessible, sustainable transportation throughout the campus, community, and the world.
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Goal 1: Western recognizes its role as a member of the larger transportation community and engages in local and regional transportation issues and solutions.
• Objective 1.1: Develop an integrated University Transportation Plan, including all components of campus transportation [by date].
• Objective 1.2: Pursue WWU representation on City of Bellingham Transportation Commission for the purpose of sharing data, providing input on planning processes, and cooperation on shared goals [beginning date].
• Objective 1.3: Pursue an integrated relationship between WWU and WTA executive and planning staff, and the WTA Board, establishing a framework for collaboration on current and future goals [beginning date].
• Objective 1.4: Include WWU employee and student transportation options in community resilience and disaster preparedness planning, and in communication to the broader campus community [by date].
• Objective 1.5: Continue to improve support of transportation options for equitable access to local institutions of higher education, including Western’s extension campuses.
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Goal 2: Improve safety for users of all transportation modes through education and infrastructure improvements, prioritizing by vulnerability.
• Objective 2.1: Improve transportation safety education and outreach to everyone on campus.
• Objective 2.2: Prioritize safety Improvements to campus infrastructure for pedestrians, cyclists, alternate wheeled vehicle users, and motorized vehicle drivers.
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Goal 3: Reduce climate impacts of employee and student Western-related ground travel.
• Objective 3.1: Continue to reduce employee drive alone commute rates by improving bus, bicycle, walking and carpooling options.
• Objective 3.2: Continue to reduce student driving rates by improving bus, bicycle, walking and carpooling options.
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Goal 4: Reduce climate impacts of Western-related air travel.
• Objective 4.1: Measure the impacts of international travel.
• Objective 4.2: Inform all Western travelers and community members about environmental impacts of air travel.
• Objective 4.3: Provide options to travelers for off-setting carbon.
• Objective 4.4: Pursue a carbon off-setting system that benefits the local community.
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Goal 5: Annually decrease campus fleet vehicle emissions.
• Objective 5.1: All Western owned vehicles are clean and efficient, consistent with WA State requirements.
• Objective 5.2: Collect information for campus vehicles on vehicle usage and energy consumption.
• Objective 5.3: Carbon neutrality for every University owned vehicle.
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