MCTA 2020 Ladies Day League Captain's Commitment Form
I have read the Responsibilities of MCTA Captains document and understand the responsibilities of an MCTA League Captain as described therein, and I am prepared to fulfill these responsibilities for any MCTA league team I may captain in 2020.

Further, I acknowledge that my teammates may elect to add a co-captain or replace me outright at any time throughout the season, including before or during any championship level competition for which the team qualifies, any such actions to take effect upon written notice affirmed by a majority of team members and transmitted to the MCTA League Administrator.

Finally, I understand and accept as a pre-condition to my approval as a captain of an MCTA league team, that the MCTA Board of Directors has the right to take disciplinary action against me at any time for cause, up to and including my removal as Captain and player for any MCTA league programs in which I participate, if I do not fulfill my obligations as delineated above or if I demonstrate an inability to abide by, or otherwise disregard the highest standards of good sportsmanship and fair play. For purposes of this paragraph, “for cause” includes, but is not limited to:

* An established and continuing pattern of improper/egregious and unacceptable behavior on court by me or any member of my team; or

* Improperly self-rating a player on my team or encouraging/condoning a player’s action to self-rate in a manner inconsistent with the most current version of USTA’s “Guidelines for Experienced Players; or

* Any other action that the Board determines to be patently detrimental to fair competition within its local league programs.

* Timely payment of year end reconciliations according to MCTA Policy for 2020

The above applies to disciplinary actions taken directly by the MCTA Executive Committee or Board of Directors, or to Grievances initiated by the MCTA League Administrator at the express direction of the MCTA Board of Directors, and does not alter or affect in any way the established rights of USTA League team captain(s) to file a Grievance as authorized by national league regulation 3.03 for violations that occur within a USTA-sanctioned league program. Where the Board’s direct action results in a penalty against me, I understand that my sole remedy is to challenge that action by filing a General Grievance with the MCTA Local League Grievance Committee, the decision of that body being final and binding, unless appealed to the Local League Grievance Appeals Committee for reconsideration, in which case the Appeals Committee’s decision is final and binding.
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