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Will documentation and paperwork need to be compiled and tracked? (This consists of a Training Plan, Quarterly Reports, Contractor ID filings, tracking of training records, etc., and is one of the most common requests.) *
How many employees (all together) will need to be trained? *
How many employees already have MSHA training and only need Annual Refresher Training (8-hours per your Training Plan)?
Four hours is the minimum training time for each new employee to be able to work on a mine site, and only if they will be constantly supervised by an experienced miner (one having over 24-hours of training).  This training must be done as listed in your Training Plan.  If you are only going to be using temporary workers for a few days to a couple of weeks, this is a good choice.  If these employees are your permanent employees, do not look at this option, look at the 8-hour option instead.  How many employees will need 4-hours of new miner training? *
Each miner who will continue working at mine sites need 24-hours of training within 90-days.  This 24-hour requirement is usually satisfied by the taking of an initial 8-hours of training, followed by supervised on-the-job training combined with any other training that is listed in the Training Plan to fulfill the final 16-hours.  How many of your employees will need 8-hours of miner training? *
Will you need onsite or online training (Onsite only available on weekends in the Chattanooga Area)? *
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