IADO's 2020 JUDICIAL ENDORSEMENT QUESTIONNAIRE (for all candidates running for judge this November 3)
*if you're a non-judicial candidate seeking IADO's endorsement this November 3, please email abin@iado.org

Dear candidate,

Thank you for your interest for an endorsement by the Indo-American Democratic Organization (IADO).

Established in 1980, IADO is one of the oldest South Asian American political action committees in the country. IADO engages South Asian Americans in the political process, recruit and endorse candidates for public office who share our community values, and champion progressive policies for immigrant and working families.

In every election cycle, we endorse candidates at every level of government who we are the best aligned with the values and priorities of Illinois' 290,000+ South Asian Americans. After completing this questionnaire, it will be reviewed by our board of directors for their final recommendation.

Endorsements must be completed before Wednesday, September 16, 2020 - 11:59 PM U.S. central time (extended deadline). If you have additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact us via email (abin@iado.org).

Good luck & thank you!

Board of Directors
Indo-American Democratic Organization (IADO)
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What, if anything, would you change to improve the procedures and efficiency of the court system? *
Do you feel that all citizens have equal and adequate access to justice in Cook County? How would you improve access? *
Do you feel the judiciary should reflect the demographics of its citizens and residents? *
If you had the opportunity to address Illinois' 290,000+ South Asian American, what would you share? *
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