Unmatched Tutoring Course Requests
Please use this form for any time you try to schedule a tutoring with the Academic Success Center cannot find a match on our schedules.
Before confirming there is no tutor, please make sure you take the following steps
1) Check Each Location ( Webster 300A, Webster 200A, Bohn, Dinallo and the Supplemental Instruction Schedule)
2) Consider if another tutor listed can help. Are you struggling with the math in a nutrition class? Can the math tutor help with the work? Are you looking for a Fundamental class, but there is a general tutor listed?
This tutors can help you out, just give a really good description.
3) Have you looked for a Gen Ed tutor? These tutors may not have taken your specific writing and reading based course, but they are still able to help you out.
4) Have a looked at next week's schedule
5) Use the waitlist option. Each day has an option to add yourself to the waitlist for a particular tutor so if a student cancels or does not show up, a new student can grab the time.
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Description of specifics you are looking for (If a business class is it more the statisics that you are struggling with, what topic areas?)
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Specific Needs
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