Unmatched Tutoring Course Requests
Please use this form for any time you try to schedule tutoring with the Center for Academic Success and Tutoring cannot find a match on our schedules or are unsure how to proceed.
Before confirming there is no tutor, please make sure you take the following steps
1) Check Navigate for an available "Course Specific" Tutor or matching Supplemental Instruction

2) Consider if another tutor listed can help. Are you struggling with the MATH in a nutrition class? Can the math tutor help with the work? Are you looking for a Fundamental class, but there is a general tutor listed?

- If this is the case, please select the "general ____ tutoring" related category and provide a proper description of what you need help in along with the class in question.

3) Have a looked at next week's schedule?
- If you are able to get to select your specific class under course specific, but do not see any time available, that means the tutors are all booked. Please check the next available group of days.

4) If you have tried all of the following options and can not find a tutoring session, or would like assistance in being paired with a tutor, please complete the following form. A staff member will be in touch as soon as possible.
I have checked which of the following locations to look for the appropriate tutoring and was suggested to come to this form. *
Student Email *
Subject Area
Course Title *
Description of specifics you are looking for (If a business class is it more the statisics that you are struggling with, what topic areas?) *
I cannot find a tutoring match because *
Specific Needs
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