AuthentiCare 2.0 App
Complete this form if you are interested in trying out the AuthentiCare 2.0 mobile app to clock in and out. More information will be sent to your email once you have completed this form!!
Your Name *
Your AuthentiCare ID Number *
The PHONE NUMBER of your mobile device *
Your EMAIL address *
Below you will need to enter your phone's DEVICE ID. Look over the steps below on how to locate it!
1. Download the AuthentiCare 2.0 app (tap "Allow" on both questions)
2. Enter the Setup Code: Kansasprd , and click "submit"
3. Click "Settings"
4. Click "See Device Identifier"
5. COPY and PASTE the Device ID below.
You should receive an EMAIL within 48 hours with directions on how to use the app!
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