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In order for your submission to be considered for the next issue of the Peak, you must complete the following form. If you have any questions about the form, you can also email with any questions you may have.
Name (for us to contact you about your submission)
Name (for us to publish in the magazine)
If for example you would like this to be posted as "anonymous" or you have a pseudonym/pen name.
Short bio that will be published in the magazine if we select your work
Example: Cassandra is a doula and radical herbalist, owner of Seed & Cerasee, a Birth Centre Aide at the Toronto Birth Centre, a founding member of the birth work collective Ocama Collective, and is actively following her path of birth work in afro-diasporic tradition - inclusive of trans & queer IBPOC community.
What is the best email to contact you?
If you don't check your emails- please give us a cell phone number to reach you on so that we can get in touch!
If your piece is selected please confirm that you can receive payment via e-transfer. If you can't receive an e-transfer, we'll contact you to figure out another way to get you paid!
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What is the best email to send the e-transfer to?
If you are selected we will want to share your social media on our Instagram + Facebook + Website, where is the best people to find your work?
include instagram handle, facebook, website + any other socials
If you are selected, we will definitely want to mail you a couple of printed copies of the magazine. Where is the best place to mail you these magazines?
Please provide your mailing address if you want some hard copies of the magazine you could be published in! Example: Rachel Platt, PEARSON EDITORIAL INC., 2-234 Pine St. N, TORONTO ON M5V 1J2
What is Subject Line for your submission? *
Example: Rachel Platt - Where to buy needles - Submission for Trans Resource Guide
What is the title of your piece? (This is what will go in the magazine)
Example: Where to Buy Needles in the GTA
I attached all the images I want to be placed with my submission in the email and have included captions for each image. *
I remembered to attach my headshot to the email.
If you don't want a headshot in the magazine, please mention that here. (Otherwise say yes, i remembered)
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