MSD Parent - Digital Citizenship Survey
Please take a minute to give input about the educational needs of students and parents in the area of digital citizenship.
What is digital citizenship? Check out:
Want to learn more right now? Check out these Parent Concern Videos:
1. Which school(s) do your children attend?
Check all that apply.
2. What grades are your student(s) in?
Check all that apply.
3. Does your child have their own cell phone? Only select the grades that apply to your family.
Yes, but it doesn’t have Internet access/data plan
Yes, and it has Internet access/data plan
4. Check off any tools below that have caused tension in your family or created a concern.
Check all that apply.
5. Do you and your child know about and use privacy settings on social media apps or sites?
(This could include Instagram, snapchat, kik, etc.)
Privacy Tips for Parents from Common Sense Media
6. Does your family have rules/guidelines around...
Too young for rules yet.
Not really.
Screen time
Which sites they can visit 
Which apps they can have
Posting photos online
When they can have a social media account
Safety Tips for Kids from Common Sense Media
5 Social Media Musts for Teens from Common Sense Media
7. Parents, what are your biggest concerns about your child and their digital life? Check off 2-3. (See the link at the very top to learn about addressing concerns.)
Check off one or two.
8. Please let us know how we can help. Rate the following strategies:
Not really helpful to me.
Somewhat helpful.
Very helpful!
Lessons in my child's classroom.
Weekly tips in email.
A list of resources or websites.
Weekly family discussion topics.
A parent education night.
A family education night (kids & parents).
9. Is there anything else you'd like to share with us?
Your answer
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