Agroecological Congress Brasilia 2017 - Brasil
In September 2017, Brasilia (Brazil) is going to host a huge event on Agroecology. Simultaneously, it will be happening the X Brazilian Congress of Agroecology, the IX National Meeting of the Agroecological Groups, the VI Latin American Congress of Agroecology and the V Federal District and Surroundings Seminary of Agroecology. The aim of this survey is to identify the priority themes to be discussed in the event, which was fondly dubbed, Agroecological Brasilia 2017.

We appreciate your colaboration.

Considering the current context, advances and challenges of the Agroecology on Latin America, which themes would you consider fundamental for the discussion during the achievement of the event Agroecological Brasilia 2017?Send us your suggestions! Let's build it together!
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