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Saturday Dec 23 | 12-4 pm | Valley Park Middle School (130 Overlea Blvd)

The theme of the youth engagement workshop is Baller Status 101. Learn how to own being a Muslim female athlete and discover how to take advantage of and make your surroundings work for you. Engage in healthy discussions regarding Muslim women in sports (in the city) and meet and celebrate like-minded individuals who share a similar passion. Explore your identity and connection to this subject on different levels while hearing from Hijabi Ballers founder Amreen Kadwa, Academic Asma Khalil and Sportswriter and Activist Shireen Ahmed. End off the afternoon by playing a fun, competitive game of flag rugby with your newly made friends and take part in a relaxing yoga session led by Nicole D'Souza .

Baller Status 101 is a FREE event, with lunch and snacks provided- plus, there are some cool prizes to be won!
Volunteer Hours for high school students who attend the workshop will be provided (maximum of 3 hours).

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