Soul Glow WellBeing, Pre-Hypnosis Survey
Holistic Healing Support Provided by Becca Briley, Ordained SoulWorker, Master Life Coach & Hypnotherapist
Let's evaluate how easily you will be able to undergo hypnosis as well as your understanding of it... Answer below which is truest about yourself.
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Hypnosis is like going to sleep. *
Would you consider yourself to have a powerful imagination? *
When you "zone out" or go into a daze or seem to be in a meditative state, what are you usually doing? *
Hypnosis is like meditating. *
People can be made to do things against their will with a hypnotherapy session.
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I will not remember anything that happens during hypnosis. *
I may not be able to be hypnotized. *
Now take a moment, close your eyes and imagine yourself biting into freshly cut lemon..... What happened (no answer is wrong) *
People go into trance on a daily basis. *
Strong willed people are harder to be hypnotized. *
All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. *
Hypnosis is one of the most effective ways to stop smoking, lose weight, get over fears and /or change behaviors. *
Working with the Subconscious Mind is a wonderful way to change habits and behaviors that we want to change. *
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