First of all we want to thank you for participating in this Beta Test phase of the first version of
It is a very exciting time for the ecosystem of Crea and we are happy to count on your support.
The objective of this test is to find bugs and other errors in order to collectively improve the platform before releasing the main net version.

Keep in mind that some of the functions that are projected in the development of the platform have not yet been implemented in this first version. During the time that this phase lasts we will be doing updates that solve bugs reported by the group of beta testers.

Start the test

Once you register on the platform, some CREA and CREA Energy (CGY) will automatically be deposited into your @user account (these coins are only valid during this testnet phase and can’t be used in the mainnet version).

To complete the test efficiently, we recommend following all the sections of the form. Please rate numerically when asked and leave a comment (as brief and concise as possible) in each of the sections.
You can comment your impressions, if you have found an error or bug. Feel free to make suggestions if you think anything should be improved and please tell us how.

*We accept answers in English and Spanish.

*Feel free to include screenshots that describe your comments. For this, you can upload the screenshots to and share the link of the image in your answer.

*To perform this beta test, you can also use the view from your browser's console.

*Remember that this is a temporary blockchain version created for this test and the content you post will not be displayed in the official version.

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