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If you are planning to apply for an Incubation/Private sale/Public sale with KingPad, read the information below carefully and submit this application.
Our mission is to connect all the potential projects and founders in blockchain to our beloved investors.
We only work on the Binance Smart Chain Chain, token purchases are made only in BNB.
About our evaluation process: Our team will carry out thorough research and analyze all the information that you provide below. Please make sure that you and your team complete this form in detail and sufficiency. Our analysts and Council members will be able to continue to choose the most promising and innovative teams by using this methodology. To protect the community and investors, we will take every care to ensure that the project is practical and feasible. When noticing that you have a potential project, we can help you to deal with your fundraising and marketing plans matter if you need.

KingPad Team.

💬For any questions, kindly contact for detail
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- If there are any tasks that your team can't fill immediately, complete those tasks and fill the form later.
- For the tasks that you can't fill, answer "N/A".
- Our selection criteria are strict and thorough. Please fill out all the questions so that the KingPad team and our Council can speed up the process and give you feedback as soon as possible. We will assess the project precisely based on this information.
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