Graduate Preparation Program (GPP) On-Campus Housing Registration 2024
Greetings, GPP Participants!

On-Campus Housing is expected to be located in "The Village" is available for GPP students at an additional cost of $40.05 (double occupancy) or $48.81 (single occupancy) per night. Residents will have access to a communal bath and kitchen space, shared between 5-10 other GPP participants. This cost does not include meals.

Official Housing Dates: Sunday, August 18 - Thursday, September 12
* Students have the option of moving in earlier than the official move-in date of Sunday, August 18.

On-Campus Housing Cost*: (Double) $40.05 per night / (Single) $48.81 per night
[Optional] Linen Rental: $40 for the duration of your stay

We strongly encourage you to consider the on-campus housing option as it is located closer to classes and is likely to be more affordable than other temporary housing options such as hotels, hostels, or Airbnb.

If you have any questions, please visit our website or contact us at
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Please review the UCSC Conference Services Housing Policy before proceeding.

The following is important information regarding GPP housing. Check off each box to indicate that you have read and agree to abide by the policies of our on-campus housing program.
Read and check off each statement below. I understand that:
UC Santa Cruz Identification (ID) Number (7 digits) *
Please list your 7- digit numerical UCSC ID.  For example: 9282771
Last / Family Name *
Please write your last/family name exactly as printed in your passport.
First / Given Name(s) *
Please write your first/given name(s) exactly as printed in your passport.
Preferred Name (optional)
What name would you prefer to be addressed by, if different from your legal name?
UCSC Email Address *
After August 1, we will communicate only via UCSC email.
Non-UCSC Email Address *
Gender *
Intended Move-In Date *
Intended Check-Out Date *
Students must check out no later than Thursday, September 12 at 1:00 pm. Any dates selected after September 12 will not be accommodated and will default to that date.
Room Type *
Optional: Room Linens Rental *
For $40, Summer Housing will be able to provide a linen packet for your stay on campus. This will include light bedding.
Common Area Request *
We will work with UCSC Conference Housing to offer a common shared space (kitchen, bathrooms, etc.) for those that wish to live with others that identify with the same gender.
Who will be covering your housing expenses? *
While your department may be covering your tuition, they may not be covering your cost-of-living expenses. Please clarify with your department head/Graduate Advisor to confirm who will be sponsoring your housing.
Agreement and Signature *
By entering my your name below, I agree to the statements above regarding on-campus housing.
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