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Thank you for participating in Trails & Sails!

Please fill out the following form to register a SMALL, IN-PERSON event for Trails & Sails. If you are hosting more than one unique SMALL, IN-PERSON event, please complete a form for each unique event you are hosting. If you are hosting a DIY or Virtual event, please visit the Trails & Sails website for those registration forms.

There will not be a guidebook this year. However, there is a HARD STOP for accepting events on August 31. No events will be accepted after August 31.

*** Even if you are hosting an event based on a previous year, you will need to recreate an event using this form as many questions and parameters have changed to be mindful of social distancing measures ***

All forms will be reviewed by Anya before being uploaded to the new website. Any questions should be directed to Anya by email ( only.

Thank you!
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2020 EVENT HOST UNDERSTANDING - Small, In-Person Event
Due to the pandemic, event size capacity and hosting restrictions are being put in place to both ensure the safety of participants & hosts and continue to aid in stopping the spread of COVID-19.

Please be advised the the following measures must be assumed by the hosts to be listed in the Trails & Sails event series:

-9 people max for each activity (this is assuming you will have 1 person be the tour guide) (children in strollers or backpacks do not count in this cap)
-Activity must be 100% outside
-All participants must wear masks
-All participants must register in advance (Although this will be on the host to manage, I can show you several easy ways to do this)
-(if applicable) Handouts, laminated visuals, binoculars, gear, or other event aids cannot be passed around between participants.
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Describing Your Event
Help your guests get excited about your event by providing an event description & answering a couple questions below.
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If you are working in collaboration with another group on this event, please list all parties involved.
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Will this event cross over with a Virtual or DIY event?
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If yes, please explain how this small, in-person event will cross over with a virtual or DIY event. This is for Essex Heritage's understanding in promoting your event so be as detailed and informative as you can at this point.
Please check all categories that apply to your event: *
Categories are meant to help attendees better craft their Trails & Sails experience. Although a wide range of cetegories are presented, there may be some gaps. Please select the cetegories below that fit your event best. If you believe that none of these cateogories apply to your event, please contact Anya via email at
Attending Your Event
A few things that attendees should know about your event
How will attendees register for your event? *
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Date & Time of this Event
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Location of this Event
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Please check all accessibility options that apply to your event:
Promotional Photo for Your Event
At this time we do not need you to submit a promotional photo. However, once we respond to your event submission via email, we will ask for a promotional photo so start thinking & searching for what you want to use. If you would like to re-use one from a previous Trails & Sails listing, please let Anya know by emailing (
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