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Do you run a convention or non-profit looking for Roxley to donate games to your cause? If so, please fill out this application form. Please be advised that sponsorship opportunities are chosen based on a strict budget, and unfortunately will not be able to accommodate every single request (we sincerely wish we could).
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Roxley requires that the event or group has at least one volunteer or staff member who will commit to learning to play the game, and will be available to teach the game when necessary.
Will you run a tournament for the game? *
What is the purpose of the requested games? *
Will you provide photos of people playing the game? *
Will Roxley be mentioned as an event / group sponsor on your website / social media / printed material? If so, please provide a list of perks.
How many games are you looking for *
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Which games would you like copies of?
Shipping Details
Incase we do choose to send you copies of the game, please provide us the shipping details of your event / group.
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