The 2014 UK startup salary survey
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That's the above PLUS anything you did before a career switch into digital. Include internships, unpaid work etc. Round down everything between x.0 and x.49 and round up everything between x.5 and x.99
Which subsector of digital does the company you work at operate in? *
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How many people currently work in your company? *
What's the funding stage of your company? *
Is your company profitable? *
We mean overall net profit
What was your company's valuation (in GBP) at the last round of funding? *
What country and city is your company headquartered in? *
Please answer in the format City, Country. E.g. Heidenreichstein, Austria
What country and city are you based? *
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What's your base gross annual salary in GBP? *
Excluding bonus, perks, equity etc. Please only enter numbers, no letters.
What's your bonus in GBP (in % of annual base salary) *
excluding perks, equity etc. Please only enter numbers, not the % sign
Do you expect your bonus to be paid in full? *
Pick whichever is closest
How is the bonus paid? *
Equity: Irrespectively of how the equity is structured (shares, options, convertible notes), how much in % of the company do you own as part of your remuneration package (i.e. excluding equity you may have by virtue of having invested cash in the company)? *
State the total percentage you will own once you are fully vested, assuming you will not receive any further top-ups and assuming no dilution due to subsequent funding rounds. (e.g. you just started a job, have 1%, vesting over 4 years, of a 20m company: State 1% - even if in 4 years this will likely be diluted to e.g. 0.5%)
Which statement describes your equity situation best? *
Do you expect to receive any top-ups? If so, how much? Please elaborate (the more detail the better) *
Have you heard of people in your company receiving these as an incentive to stay on?
How many years is your vesting schedule *
State the total number of years vesting takes from the moment you received your equity promise. Please only enter numbers, no letters
Any significant perks? *
Include anything unusual and worth more than £100/month - i.e. do not include e.g. free dental care, but do include e.g company car.
Before you took this role, you probably had other offers. If yes, please tell us what these were in terms of annual salary, bonus and equity package
State the percentage you would have received and the approximate value of the company at the time the offer was made. The more detail the better!
Anything else you'd like to share?
Trends you see in remuneration, stuff you heard from your friends etc. Anything you deem important within the topic of startup compensation
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