Josephine County Animal Shelter - Barn Buddies
This form is to be filled out by those interested in adopting a "Barn Cat" from the Josephine County Animal Shelter.  

The shelter receives around 1,000 cats each year. These cats come in all different sizes, ages, shapes, colors, and temperaments. Many of the cats we get in have never lived indoors. Outdoor-only cats don't always make good house pets, so this program is for those cats who are healthy, prefer to live outdoors, and who are not very social with people--those who would not be adoptable into most situations. These cats are not necessarily suitable to being kept indoors, as a family pet, or may not enjoy being with people. Some do, some don't. We try to evaluate each cat to the best of our abilities, but gauging a cat's personality from inside a cage can be pretty tough. You may find out a different story about your cat than what we tell you!

Everybody loves a barn cat--they keep the pests away, they are low-maintenance, and sometimes, pets and purrs can be a bonus. But dealing with litters and litters of kittens each spring is not worth it. We all know about the problem with pet overpopulation, so let's break the cycle. Every cat we adopt out will be spayed/neutered, and when able to, given vaccines. There is no adoption fee for our barn buddies! Donations are greatly appreciated.

Adopting a Barn Cat gives a not-so-typically-adoptable cat a second chance--and it puts them to work! Let these cats help you control rodent and pest populations in a non-toxic, natural way.

Remember, Barn Cats are not just for barns--garages, feed rooms, wineries, shops, supply rooms, cellars, anywhere that rodents may be! Businesses or private citizens--if you have a need for a cat, we can help you find the right match.

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