YLINC Assessment
This is not an application form and this does not determine whether or not you get hired or become a YLINC member.
Do you know much about marketing *
Do you know much about messaging *
Have you ever taking a marketing or branding class *
Have you taking a media course / training / workshop outside of YLINC (photography, film, text messaging, info-graphic, social media, billboards, newspaper, podcast, etc.) *
Have you ever learned about financial literacy (savings, fixing your credit, banking, etc.) *
Have you ever taken a professional development class (Conduct in a workplace, how to dress, how to do a resume, or how to communicate) *
Have you been taught to network (meet new people and exposed to other organizations) *
Have you ever worked with an organization that has assisted you with transferable employable skills to enhance your professional experience in order to get hired somewhere else *
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