Suffer Better Grant Application
Basic Grant Info:

Grants & Requirements

Suffer Better will be awarding four (4) Do Good Grants each year.
Grants will be awarded to individuals, couples or even small groups as long as they satisfy the grant criteria.
Suffer Better and the panel of proposal evaluators will consider the overall project, the specific activity and nonprofit integration, the characteristics of the grantees - age, gender, ethnicity, etc. - to ensure that all applications receive equal scrutiny and consideration.
Each Grantee will receive $500-$1000 plus free gear (if requested) from our participating partners.

Grant Conditions:

All of our Grant applications will be evaluated and grants awarded by a panel of Suffer Better staff, endurance athletes and industry experts. Grants will be evaluated based on the uniqueness of the project, the proposed activity and the integration of the charitable component.

Grant awards will be announced on a rolling basis, dependent upon the specific proposed activity and timing.

Applicants are not required to use gear from any or all partners.

Suffer Better Do Good Grants must meet the following criteria:

1) The proposed project must involve a unique endurance activity, such as running, hiking, trail running, or cycling, must not involve motorized sports, and must include an integrated and meaningful charitable component.
2) The project may be undertaken anywhere in the world.
3) Grantee(s) must document and share their progress with both photos and videos throughout the duration of the project.

Grantees will sign documentation agreeing that:

Their name and likeness, once obtained or created by Suffer Better and/or its Do Good Grant Partners during or in relation to their grant project may be used by Suffer Better or any Partner in press releases, social media and shared blogs/vlogs or other digital formats.
They will document the activity and its progress through videos and photos throughout the course of the project.
They release and indemnity Suffer Better and all of its Grant Partners in the event they have an accident and/or are injured.

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