2021 CAC Sweetheart Award Nomination
Is there someone that has done something (however large or small) for your special needs child with an IEP or 504? Honor them with a CAC Sweetheart Award. All nominees receive the award.

Please do not submit more than 3 nominations per student. Deadline is February 19.

In addition to your nomination below, you may also send a special message to your nominee using this Kudoboard that we have set up. https://www.kudoboard.com/boards/EOVbESUL Your message can include photos or a short video. We will share the Kudoboard during our Awards Ceremony on Zoom on February 27th.

For questions contact sweethearts.award@gmail.com
Name of Nominee *
Please include the first and last name of the individual you wish to nominate.
What school does this person work or volunteer at, if any? *
Please answer N/A if not affiliated with a school.
What position does this person hold? *
If a family member or neighbor, please indicate. For example: grandma or next door neighbor.
What is the person's contact info (email or phone)? *
Contact info is strictly used to notify the Sweethearts Award recipient only.
Why is this person special to your special needs child? *
Briefly explain. We may use your comments when announcing the award for your nominee during the ceremony.
Why is this person important to you as a parent? *
Briefly explain how the individual has been supportive to you or your family. We may use your comments when announcing the award for your nominee during the ceremony.
Are you going to attend the Zoom Sweetheart Awards Ceremony on Sat, February 27? *
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