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We will connect you with a visa agent for inquiries and assistance in processing your visa. To get started, fill this form and pay a one-time fee of N950 after filling the form. Contact if you have questions.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We do not provide jobs abroad and we cannot assist visa applicants that are either unemployed or do not have sponsors.

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Your sponsor/host must have more than 5 million naira or 20,000 USD on their bank statement or be a law abiding resident of the country you are visiting.
If no sponsor or letter of invitation, do you have more than 1 million naira or $4,000 on your bank account statement
Have you booked any travel itinerary. E.g: Flights, hotels, or tour packages
We charge a one-time fee of N950 (less than $3) to connect you with our Visa agents. If you have any comments, email
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