Saturday, January 25th

12 Courts

ACL Regional Tournament

9:00 am - Check in and warm up
10:00 am - Advanced Doubles
10:30 am - Competitive Doubles
12:30 pm - Intermediate/Novice (combined) Doubles

Advanced $25/player per event
Competitive $20/player per event
Intermediate/Novice $15/player per event

$5 discount for PAID ACL members

Registration is NOT considered complete until payment has been made.

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We have read the entire event page and agree to the format, entry fees, and payouts as they are listed on this page. * *
Outside drinks or alcohol is NOT permitted and any violation of this will result in your team being escorted from the venue with no refund issued for your registration fee. * *
No refunds will be issued after January 23rd, 2020. *
By participating in the event, you are accepting the terms of this waiver. The participant(s) registering for this event, is 18 years of age and/or or the legal guardian for the named child who is under 18 years of age having read this document and understand its contents (Under 18 participants: Please print this waiver and bring it to the event signed by a parent or guardian). Player acknowledges that there are physical risks involved when playing cornhole. Some of those risks include, but are not limited to: serious injuries (broken bones, scraped knees/toes/elbows),dislocation, (sprains and strains),dehydration,heat stroke and sunburn. Further, cornhole may be an extreme test for a person with a heart condition and/or mental ailment and it is recommended to consult with a physician before playing. Player(s) understands, acknowledges and agrees that there are risks. For example, the risks listed above or, the risks of: concussion from colliding with a player, pole, or surrounding objects; of slipping and/or falling; or of injuries or ailments caused by the sand, irrigation, nearby landscaping, drinking fountain, shower, bathroom, spa, and swimming pool. Player hereby assumes these risks and shall hold harmless, indemnify and agrees to defend OLD PUEBLO BAGGERS and its staff members from all liability resulting from these risks. Player hereby assumes the risk and shall hold harmless Old Pueblo Baggers and its staff members from any property loss including auto or personal property theft, vandalism or damage to auto or personal property. Player hereby assumes the risk and shall also hold harmless OLD PUEBLO BAGGERS and its staff of all liability resulting in physical and/or emotional injury caused by reckless or non-intentional actions by another player or spectator. Player shall assume full legal responsibility when participating during extreme weather conditions or "unsafe" court conditions and it is the Player’s responsibility to verbally communicate to a staff member of OLD PUEBLO BAGGERS when conditions are "unsafe" to play, with a full understanding and assumption of the potential risks. Player hereby permits OLD PUEBLO BAGGERS to publish Player’s photos (and tag) and name in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and other online social media or print forums at the discretion of OLD PUEBLO BAGGERS. I HAVE READ THIS WAIVER OF LIABILITY AND RIGHTS, AND ASSUMPTION OF RISK AGREEMENT, FULLY UNDERSTAND ITS TERMS, I UNDERSTAND THAT I HAVE GIVEN UP SUBSTANTIAL RIGHTS BY SIGNING IT, AND I SIGN IT FREELY AND VOLUNTARILY WITHOUT ANY INDUCEMENT. Click the “Yes, I agree” button on the registration site to accept the waiver. *
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