Mahokun use questionnaire
When you wash your clothes, add Mahokun and let him cast magic on your clothes!

Mahokun's current skill:

■ Soil release

■ Give moisture wicking effect

■Suppress the odor caused by sweating

■ Eliminate static electricity generated by clothing friction

Thank you very much for your purchase and use. In order to make "Mahokun" more magical, Please give some advice, we will work harder to develop exciting products.
If you are willing to participate in our prize draw activities, please leave your contact information so that we can contact you in the first time: we will strictly protect your privacy, contact information is only used for awards and return visits.
Follow-up will be based on 12/31 to draw three lucky winners to get 10 boxes of "Mahokun" - protective clothing products, please leave your contact information, we will contact you when winning.

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Which of the following products have you used to wash or maintain your functional clothing? *
After using "Mahokun", what effect do you have the most impressive feeling on the function? [multiple choice questions] *
If you continue to use the "Mahokun" product, which way do you choose to use it? *
If you want to use "Mahokun" frequently, how much do you think the average monthly cost of the family can be accepted? *
What is the most attractive feature of "Mahokun"? *
Following the previous question,what do you think need to improve about Mahokun ? *
What is your gender? *
What is your age? *
Do you have any other suggestions for this product? Please write down your valuable comments, the questionnaire ends here, I wish you all the best.
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