Would you be interested in online photography courses?
We are dependent on your feedback to decide if and how we could provide online photography courses!

The courses would take place on Zoom (or similar) and still rely heavily on interaction with participants. There is already good content about photography on YouTube, we will not try to compete with that.

However we and would be happy to provide interactive courses, where participants ask and answer questions, together with personal feedback if requested (and still include the offer to print a picture you took for you).

We would give our best to make the courses as close to a classroom setting as we can!

It would probably take more than a week to get the courses running.

The format would probably still be first part, then one week break for exercises, then the second part.

If you'd like to know more about our courses, you can find all the information on our website: www.fotokommission.ch
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When would be a good time for you?
Quite probably we will not record the course. Our courses make only sense if we can interact with the participants.
Which format would you prefer?
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Is paying for the course an option in this setting?
We expect high quality work from our course teachers, and we want to provide them compensation for their efforts. With online payments, postage for prints, and licenses we have more expenses that in an offline setting. We would also keep the number of participants fairly low to facilitate interactive participation in the course (absolute maximum would be 30, but most courses will probably be about 20 participants max).
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