Retainer Agreement
This LIMITED REPRESENTATION Agreement memorializes and establishes an attorney‐client relationship between you (“You” or “Your”) and Bennett Hirschhorn, Esq (“Attorney”).
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I. Limited Scope
Attorney agrees to provide only such services under the terms and conditions of This Agreement. Upon completion of providing these service, You agree that Attorney’s representation of you will be concluded and there is no further expectation of representation beyond this Agreement.

Attorney does not promise any outcome, and represents only that he will exercise and defend your rights in the below referenced matter. Sometimes Attorney is only able to delay the inevitable, and receiving additional time to pay or vacate is a measurement of success.

The scope of this relationship and Agreement includes the following limited legal services: *
II. Payment
You agree to make a non-refundable initial retainer payment in the amount of $50.00. This covers the Initial appearance, provided for one person only, at a flat rate of $50.00, which includes one court appearance on Your behalf. You agree not to receive a bill for this payment, and This Agreement will serve as Your receipt.

If any additional individual services are selected above, You agree to pay an additional $50 each, as an additional retainer in advance.

You are responsible for paying all costs in this matter. In the event that Attorney advises You that a counter suit should be filed, You will be responsible for either paying the filing fee and court costs, or completing a Pauper’s Form from the Clerk’s Office and getting a judge to verify and sign as to Your eligibility.

In the event that You decide to discontinue Attorney’s representation, You will advise Attorney via email, text, or writing, and Attorney will cease to represent you in this matter, and will withdraw from the case.

In the event that Attorney agrees to represent You in another or related matter, You agree to sign a separate Retainer Agreement to cover that scope of representation.


III. Notice
Notice can be made and will be considered effective when sent to Attorney if made by electronic mail to by mail to Bennett Hirschhorn, Esq, 1027 Eleanor Street, Knoxville, TN 37917. Notice can be made and will be considered effective when sent to You at the e‐mail address and/or the mailing address You provide with This Agreement. It is Your responsibility to keep Attorney updated as to Your best contact information for receiving Notice and any communications from Attorney.
IV. Communication
You agree to respond in a timely manner to any calls, letters, e‐mails, or other communications from Attorney to You. You understand that Your failure to timely respond to communications from Attorney might be detrimental to the matter(s) we are handling on Your behalf. The default communication method is email. Please let us know if you would prefer another communication method. If you indicate paper mail, the cost of postage will be expensed to You. Also, please be advised it is Your responsibility to keep Your Contact Information current (as listed below) with Attorney.

You may reach Attorney via text (preferred) or voice on his cellphone at 865-773-7337.

V. Withdrawal
You may withdraw from the attorney client relationship with Attorney at any time for any reason. In that circumstance, You will advise Attorney via email, text, or writing, and Attorney will cease to represent you in this matter, and will withdraw from this case.

Likewise, Attorney may withdraw from the attorney‐client relationship with You at any time for any reason including, for example, if You fail to cooperate or take Attorneys advice in resolving the matter. If Attorney wishes to withdraw, Attorney will advise You via email, text, or writing.

Unless additional payment is made by You, after Attorney’s initial appearance, The attorney-client relationship is presumed to terminate with no further notice, and You do not have any expectation of additional representation by Attorney.

VI. Files
Your file(s) will be kept in an electronic format (e.g., as scanned Adobe® PDF documents) except for any files that require an original copy to be kept. As the client You own Your file(s) and have the right to ask for a copy of or to inspect Your file(s) at any time. Attorney may keep its own copy of Your file(s).
VII. Signature and Date
By typing my name below, I certify that I agree to the terms and conditions of This Agreement.

I understand that THERE ARE NO REFUNDS.

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