Les Artistes Wedding Ceremony Music Selection List
Some brides and grooms like to select every specific piece of music for their ceremonies; others prefer to have us select some music for them. Use this form to indicate your selections.

You may select music from our Suggested Wedding Music Repertoire, but you needn’t feel restricted to just the pieces on the list. Feel free to contact Les Artistes if you have other pieces in mind. Please keep in mind that some repertoire, even if it is on our list, may not be available or appropriate for all instrument combinations. However, for a small fee, we can write custom arrangements of pieces that are not commercially available for a specific instrument combination. Contact us for more information about custom arrangements.

If you haven’t already done so, you may want to consult with your Officiant, church music director, cantor, wedding planner, etc. to discuss the appropriateness of musical selections as well as the number of selections and where they’ll fall within the ceremony.
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Bride's name *
Groom's name *
Date of wedding *
Starting time of prelude *
Starting time of ceremony *
This is background music that helps set a mood as your guests arrive to take their seats and typically starts about 15-30 minutes prior to the ceremony. You’re welcome to select specific pieces for the Prelude, however we suggest you let our musicians use their expertise to select them - when programming several musical selections to be played one after the other, there are many factors that musicians consider of which non-musicians may not even be aware, such as keys, tempi, composition/historical styles, length of arrangements, etc. Also, you might want give us a general sense of the mood you’d like to create, such as romantic, reflective, jubilant, elegant, etc., and allow us to select appropriate repertoire.
Enter the name(s) of any specific requests below, or indicate a specific mood you'd like to create, or simply say, "Let the musicians select the music." *
Seating of the Familes
You may want to select a special piece of music during which the Grandmothers, Mothers, etc. will be seated.
Please enter the title of your selection below. If you are not doing a formal seating of the families, please indicate that below. Also, some brides and grooms simply seat the families at the end of the prelude during whatever piece the musicians happen to be playing. If you're doing this, please indicate that below. *
Wedding ceremonies may have 1, 2 or more musical selections for the processional. Most ceremonies have 2 selections: one for the bridal party, and one for the bride.
Bridal Party Processional *
Enter the title below.
Bride's Processional *
Enter the title below. If the bride will be walking down the aisle to the SAME MUSICAL SELECTION as the bridal party, please indicate that below.
Body of Ceremony
Some ceremonies have music during the actual ceremony, usually as accompaniment to events within the ceremony such as the Unity Candle, Sand Ceremony, Presentation of Gifts, Communion, etc. Sometimes the music serves simply as a musical interlude.
Please enter the title(s), if any, below. Also, please identify each selection for it's role in the ceremony, such as Unity Candle, Sand Ceremony, Presentation of Gifts, Communion, interlude, etc. If you would like no music during the ceremony, enter "none". *
This piece is usually jubilant in nature, and is played as the bride and groom walk back up the aisle as husband and wife.
Please enter the title below. *
Your ceremony may include a Postlude, depending on your preferences, the length of the ceremony, and the amount of time for which you've booked the musicians. The Postlude is a selection played immediately after the recessional as your guests depart. You may select a specific piece, or you may want to have us select something for you.
Please enter a title below, or indicate that you'd like us to select something for you. If you would like no postlude, enter "none". *
Additional Music
If your contract with Les Artistes includes additional post-ceremony music, you can enter it below. As with the prelude, you’re welcome to select specific pieces, but you may want to let our musicians use their expertise to program the music for you.
Enter any specific requests below, or indicate that you'd like our musicians to put together a program for you.
Additional Comments
If you have any other comments or notes regarding the music for your ceremony, please enter it below.
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