St David Catholic School Family Survey 2018
Dear St. David Catholic School Families,

Your input is valuable to us as we continue to improve our school programs and strengthen our faith community. Please plan to complete this survey in one sitting by Friday, Sept. 14th. It will take about 15-20 minutes. All responses will remain confidential. We appreciate you taking the time to answer this survey carefully and honestly. Your comments are important to us. The results will be shared at our WCEA/WASC Accreditation Visit on March. 6th-8th.

1. Select a grade for each child enrolled at St. David Catholic School. *
2. How many years have your children attended our school? *
3. Do you have children who have previously graduated from St. David Catholic School? *
4. If Yes, how well do you feel they were prepared for high school? *
5. Please rank the reasons you send your children to St. David Catholic School. Please rate each item in the order of importance. #1 is your most important reason for sending your child and #8 your least important reason. Each item may only be used once. *
Academic Excellence
Catholic Faith Formation & Values
Community/Family Environment
Safe Environment
School Programs (Extended Care, extracurricular activities, sports, events)
School Staff (Administration, Teachers, Staff)
6. Are there additional reasons you send your child(ren) to St. David Catholic School? *
Your answer
7. Please rate the new programs we have integrated or reintegrated since the 2012-2013 WCEA Accreditation. *
Highly Effective
Somewhat Effective
Not Applicable
Class/Junior High Retreats
Living Stations of the Cross
Bible Study
Shadow Stations of the Cross
Blessing of the Animals
Standards-Based Report Cards
Standard Based Scoring Parent Night
School-wide Science Fair
MARE (Marine Aquatic Resource and Educational)
Art (6th-8th)
Music (Preschool-5th)
Sylvan After School Program
Student Learning Expectations Recognition Awards
Mission Statement (Revised)
Technology Devices (Chromebooks)
Bring Your Own Device Policy
Technology Infrastructure Upgrades
Online and Software Academic Programs
SMART Tuition
Extended Care (Willows)
Financial Aid Meeting
Open House
Student Ambassadors for Tours
Scholastic and 25 cent Book Fairs
Special Persons Day
Class Fundraisers
Crab Feed
Silent Auction
Fall Festival
STEAM Program
Rosary Guild
Library & Literacy
Worship Music during Morning Assembly
Weekend Spanish Masses
Sacramental Program
Our Lady of Guadalupe Event
Engage NY Curriculum
Morning Drop Off Pattern
8. What do you like best about our school? *
Your answer
9. What improvements would you like to see for our school? Check all that apply. *
10. What additional improvements would you like to see at our school?
Your answer
11. What makes our school a Catholic school? Please check all that apply. *
12. How would you rate the education your children are receiving in the following subjects? Use the following scale: Highly Effective, Effective, Somewhat Effective, Ineffective *
Highly Effective
Somewhat Effective
Not Applicable
English/Language Arts
Social Studies
Music (PK-5th)
Physical Education
Art (6th-8th)
13. Do you think the academic demands of our school on your child(ren) are: *
14. Do you think the homework demands of our school on your child(ren) are: *
15. If improvements need to be made in our curriculum and instruction, please list your suggestions.
Your answer
16. My child/children is/are receiving a solid religious education in the following ways: *
Not Applicable
The school is faithful to their mission and philosophy statement.
The school provides regular opportunities for the school community to experience prayer and the Sacraments.
The school's religion curriculum is faithful to Roman Catholic Church teachings.
The school maintains an active partnership with parents whose fundamental concern is the spiritual and academic education of their children.
The school has a service-oriented outreach to Church and the civic community.
The school makes frequent use of signs, sacramentals (e.g., rosaries, crucifixes, etc.) traditions and rituals of the Roman Catholic Church.
School personnel are actively engaged in bringing the Good News of Jesus into the total educational experience.
17. Would you like to see anything added to the religious education component of your children’s education? *
Your answer
18. Do you think that the teachers and staff are easily accessible? *
19. Should the occasion arise, would you feel comfortable discussing a problem with the principal, teacher, or staff member? *
20. In our school, do teachers provide feedback to students and parents about academic progress? *
21. Do you think the morale of the students at our school is positive? *
22. Do the students and teachers at our school respect each other and have positive working relationships? *
23. Do the parents and the teachers at our school respect each other and have positive working relationships? *
24. Please rate the discipline policies and procedures at our school. *
25. Do you read our Family Newsletter (News & Notes) regularly? *
26. Does the Family Newsletter (News &Notes) keeps you informed about our school’s activities? *
27. What do you like about our Family Newsletter (News & Notes)? Check all that apply *
28. How can our school better communicate with you? *
Your answer
29. Is our school kept neat and clean for your children? *
30. Do you feel that children are safe at our school? *
31. What are the positive features of our school's physical plant and facilities? Check all that apply. *
32. What would you like to see improved in our school's physical plant and facilities? Check all that apply. *
33. What additional comments would you like to share?
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