POST Wrestling – Royal Rumble Pool 2019
Welcome to the 2nd annual POST Wrestling Royal Rumble Pool!

For most questions you will provide three possible responses:

- If your FIRST CHOICE is correct you will receive 10 POINTS
- If your SECOND CHOICE is correct you will receive 5 POINTS
- If your THIRD CHOICE is correct you will receive 2 POINTS

For the "surprise entrant" questions:

- John and Wai have the final say as to whether a given person counts as a surprise entrant
- Any names selected that come out under a different gimmick or name will be considered correct. For example, if you pick "Kevin Nash" as a surprise entrant and he comes out as Diesel your answer will be scored as correct.


- The question asking for the total time of the men's Royal Rumble will only be used as a tie-breaker. If two people score the same amount of points then the person who guesses the time closest to the actual time of the Royal Rumble will be deemed the winner.

Guidelines For Your Responses:

- One name per response, please. Responses like "Either John Cena or Randy Orton" or "Someone from New Day" will not be counted.
- Be as clear as possible with your picks and please use the names wrestlers currently use.
- Pay close attention as to whether each question applies to the MEN's or WOMEN's Royal Rumble!
- Only submit names of wrestlers for your responses, please. Some people like to put comments along with their picks but doing so makes it harder to tabulate results. The POST Wrestling Forums are the best place to talk with other fans about why you chose the picks you did.

Forms must be submitted by 3PM Eastern Time on Sunday January 27th, 2019

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Tie-Breaker: What will be the total time of the MEN'S 2019 Royal Rumble? This is the time of the Royal Rumble match itself, not the entire show. *
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