Innovation Assessment
Instead of focusing on completing certain tasks to grow a business, Graveyard Innovation is results based. We’ve created a strategic storytelling process that looks at a business idea differently. We hone in on a specific innovation (or more than one) - what is it in this business that needs to be innovated in order to bring its uniqueness out, in order for people to realize its value and want to be a part of it?

Our Innovation Assessment is a quick look at your business: We look at what you have so far and give you a few ideas of what we see. We’re a team of people with differing opinions and experience so you’ll get an array of thoughts from us - it could be about your website, your branding, the idea itself, the feel of your product or service, the messaging etc.. Once you have the Assessment, we’ll have a phone call with you so you have a chance to ask questions - about our thoughts, our suggestions, our process or anything at all.

If you’d like your own personalized Innovation Assessment, please fill out this form and we'll be in touch within the week to schedule a time to discuss your free Innovation Assessment review.

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