Founders' Fortune Player Satisfaction Survey
Have we devs done a good job?
What do we need to improve for Founders' Fortune or later games?
How long have you played Founders' Fortune? *
Have you been active on the forums, on Discord, or on Steamcommunity? *
What do you think about the new graphics? *
If you have any detailed comments about the graphics overhaul or the next update in general, put them here (not required):
How was the Early Access Period handled up to now from your perspective as a player? *
Was the price of the game ok for you? *
How accurately have our Trailer and Store Page described the game? *
If you have any detailed comments about our handling of Early Access, the pricing, or the presentation of the game on the store, put them here (not required):
Are there any small features you'd love to see added to the game before release?
Do you experience any bugs or balancing issues that you think should be fixed before release?
After Founders' Fortune is released, would you like to see more content from us? Which ones? *
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