YouMatter: the Suicide Epidemic
INTRO: Every 40 seconds, someone dies by suicide. When an individual takes his or her own life, 20 others make an attempt. For those that struggle and are still here, a constant decision awaits: do I choose to live despite every urge, desire, and impulse to die?

PROBLEM: A major problem suicidal patients face is that many go through such difficult times alone — 70% of attempters do not make it to their first outpatient visit. In addition to this, they also are up against several barriers to evidence-based treatment. One of the best options for treatment is called dialectical behavior therapy, a form of cognitive behavioral treatment, but because of the cost, time commitment, lack of access, and lack of awareness, many are prohibited from starting in the first place. With suicide reaching epidemic proportions, the gap in providing efficacious treatment will only widen.

CURRENT SOLUTION: Until now, studies have only shown that patients were able to decrease their suicidal behavior through professional in-person treatment. To address the treatment gap, however, studies must be made to determine whether digital interventions are as effective in helping treat suicidal behavior.

A NEW, PROSPECTIVE SOLUTION: It is with this hope that we produce, YouMatter, a rich, interactive, media guide that helps patients use evidence-based strategies to minimize the risk of suicide. We know there is a problem. The question remains — what should be our solution? Your feedback is important to us.

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So glad to have interacted with you and thank you for providing feedback. If you are currently in a crisis, please call National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.
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