Device Information Form for Poll Everywhere issues
In order to assist you with your Poll Everywhere connection issue, please answer the following questions. It will be necessary to provide us with your device's Media Access Control Address or MAC Address (this is for both Windows and Mac machines as well as mobile devices).

If you do not know where or how to find your MAC Address, please read this article:

What is your UW email address (ends in *
Please briefly describe your issues *
What classroom are you in when having this issue? (Examples: KNE 120, GUG 220) *
What is the course you are taking in this classroom? (Examples: BIOL 180, BIOL 118) *
Were you on UW WiFi or on your device's cell data connection?
What is the Media Access Control (aka MAC) Address of the device you are using to respond to polls? (should look similar to this: 11:00:9f:cf:06:99) *
On what dates did this issue with Poll Everywhere occur? *
If you have other comments about your issue, please enter them here.
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