Library "Escape Room"
Welcome to the Library Escape Room! Below are 10 questions about popular books in the library. Read each question carefully and type the correct author, character name or book title! Spelling and Capitalization count! Use the hints that pop up with incorrect answers to help you!

NO GOOGLE!! But you can check the library catalog or the library shelves to help you figure out the answers!

The first team to "escape" will win a prize! Good luck!

This book that was published in 2012 became very popular in 2017 thanks to the movie that was released in November. The author of the book is... *
This very popular series has 12 books, and 4 movies. The 12th book in this colorful series was published in November 2017. The title of Book #12 is... *
The first book in this series was published in the U.K. in 1997. 20 years later, it is still one of the most popular series ever written. There's even a theme park based on this series! The main character's name is... *
The author of this popular graphic novel series writes and illustrates stories based on her own childhood. She also illustrates another popular series originally written in the 1980s. Her name is... *
The title of this 2015 Newbery award winning book by Kwame Alexander refers to a basketball move that the main characters perform. The title is... *
The author of this popular YA series released all 3 of her books within 23 months! The book trilogy was made into 4 movies. The author's name is... *
The main character of this 8 book series actually began as a comic strip! The fiction books are based on the comic strip and revolve around the 6th grader named... *
This author has written 5 separate multi book series that have been turned into both movies and graphic novels. He is best known for the title character of his first series about a "Lightning Thief". That character is named... *
This author writes books for adults, Young Adults and "Middle School" students. One "Funny" series was made into a movie this summer, but you don't need to be a "Robot" or a "Treasure Hunter" to figure it out. The author's name is... *
There are currently 7 books in this graphic novel series illustrated and written by Kazu Kibuishi. It follows the adventures of Em, a stonekeeper and her friends and takes place in Alledia. The title of the series is... *
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