The Best Research Agencies You've (Probably) Never Heard Of, London April 29th April 2020
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AURA is inviting submissions for papers for our April seminar "The Best Research Agencies You've (Probably) Never Heard Of". We're looking for 8 x 30 minute presentations or case studies where you showcase your best / most innovative / most impactful work or projects. The types of things these might be:

· New, interesting or innovative way of doing things. Might even be a completely new approach using technology. But, whilst we love cheaper and faster, we really would want it to be better too

· Projects that had a real business impact – either culturally or financially

· Ones that required a lot of work to convince or engage stakeholders

· Brilliant work done on a ludicrously small budget and/or stupid timescale

· Projects which excelled in landing the findings through impactful or creative dissemination approaches

· Or something completely different

There’s no stipulation on the size or age of agencies/practitioners submitting, and we’re 100% methodology agnostic but you must be a new face to AURA members ie not presented in the last 2 years. The main thing is to put great work from great people who deserve a bigger profile in front of our members who are always on the lookout for new agencies but don’t have the time to sit through creds presentations.
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What happens next?
Please submit this form by 22nd March. If you would prefer to submit in another format, that's fine but the deadline is the same. If this is the case please email it to Suzanne Lugthart at

Any questions? Fire them at Suzanne or Tom Kerr, who organises our events - in the first instance

The AURA Events team will review submissions and let you know if you've made the shortlist by 31st March

What happens if you don't? We'll hang on to your submission if that's okay and will be in touch if it looks suitable for another AURA seminar. We may also be in touch if we run other events or have new opportunities which could get you in front of our members. If you don't wish us to do this, let us know in the box below
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Thanks for your interest in AURA and good luck with your submission! Submit it now or email it over to
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