H1-702 feedback for Verizon Media
Thank you, for an amazing event. Please take the time to fill our this survey so we can hear your thoughts about how this event went. The results will be used to help guide decisions we make in the future about our program and live events, and without YOUR feedback we can only work off of our own perceptions.

All question are optional, and you don’t have to leave any identifying information, if you don’t want to. You have been asked to sign in only to ensure one form per person is submitted.

If you want us to contact you about something, but want to leave anonymous feedback for the rest of this form, use this other google form to send us your questions and we will get back to you as soon as we can. https://forms.gle/xYK2HzERzkdQDgvo6
How was it, overall?
Don’t ever talk to me again
I found true love in a Paranoid
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Was there too much show and tell?
Yes, more hacking please.
No! You could do 20 next time instead of 10!
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We took allllll night long to finish paying bounties, how did that make you feel?
I feel nothing, It didn’t matter one bit.
Amazing, I can’t believe you missed half the party so you could keep working.
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Was the scope too big?
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What brand, url, product, etc did you spend most of your time hacking on?
This event was the longest yet (from 7/22 to 8/10). How many days did you log in to hack on Verizon Media?
How many hours did you spend hacking in total?
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How many hours did you spend hacking to find you biggest bug?
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What was your favorite thing about this event?
What was your least favorite thing about this event?
Describe something we did that you couldn’t believe. Why?
Tell us something you think we can do better (next time). Do you know a better way we can do it? Tell us.
What did you think of The Paranoids swag?
It’s just table stakes
Best ever! As always.
Clear selection
Give us an idea for swag. We have a guy working on it, but he is kind of busy.
Are you interested in joining The Paranoids to be part of one of our many teams? Drop your email here an describe the role you’d like to get into. (Not a job you know we have open, but what you WANT to do on our team.)
Do you remember any of The Paranoids that you talked to throughout h1-702? Defcon? Bsides? Blackhat? The roulette table? Name them and where you remembers meeting them, and what you talked about.
Did you tweet @theparanoids during this event?
Clear selection
What is your twitter handle, if you don’t mind sharing.
How is our bug bounty program doing overall? Love it, hate it, you only do live hacking, what’s up?
How does our payout table stack up to others? (5 means you think we are in the right spot)
So far behind it’s joke.
So far ahead you could cut the bounties in half and I would still hack on the program exclusively!
Clear selection
Do you hack on Verizon Media exclusively?
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How many other programs do you hack on?
Do you mind sharing your hackerone username (un- anonymizing this survey)?
Did you hack in a team or by yourself?
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Does Verizon Media participate in too many Live Hacking Events?
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Explain that response, please.
Did we communicate well enough before the event?
Clear selection
Did we communicate well enough during the event?
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Anything else you want to say about H1-702-verizonmedia ?
Anything else you want to say about Verizon Media?
Anything else you want to say about The Paranoids?
Anything else you want to say about our Bug Bounty program and/or team?
Anything else in general?
Was this survey too long?
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