Plane & Pilot: Join us!
The Plane & Pilot Flying Club offers a VO experience unlike any other. We have no activity requirements, host weekly unique events, and are known throughout the community for our extremely laid back approach. If you would like to join us see the Plane & Pilot difference for yourself, all you have to do is enter your IFC name below and we will send you the invite link to our Slack. That’s right! no pesky forms, requirements, or evaluations, just join us with one step and be welcomed into the family!
What is your IFC (Infinite Flight Community) Username? *
The IFVARB requires all of our members to have an IFC account in good standing. If your IFC name valid, we will not contact you.
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One of our staff members will contact you via IFC within the next 48 hours and provide you with the invite link. From there, you are officially considered a full member of the Plane & Pilot Flying Club!
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