Parent Survey 2018-19
Every year we give a survey to parents, guardians, and families to help us make good decisions about our students and their support system. We appreciate you taking the time to fill this out.
What typically brings you to Kenwood?
What does the school do well in helping you support your child?
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In what ways might the school help you support your child more effectively?
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What are the most important things Kenwood does to create a positive social climate for students?
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To what extent do you think children enjoy coming to Kenwood (least to most)?
Not at all
They love coming to Kenwood!
On a scale of 0-5, how often do you worry about your child’s safety at Kenwood?
I'm not at all worried.
I worry a lot!
What ideas could you share about improving safety at Kenwood?
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Overall, how safe does your child feel at school?
He/she does not feel safe at all.
He/she feels safe.
What recommendation would you make to the school for how to improve communication with parents?
Do you have any suggestions or comments you’d like to offer? Please do so in this area.
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