Concordia Bus Co-op Fee-levy Petition
Please fill out your name, Concordia email, student ID, academic year, and faculty to nominate the following question to be included on the ballot for the Winter 2021 Election and to choose whether you would like to join the waitlist*

This form has been approved by Concordia Student Union (CSU) for the purpose of fee-levy petition.

"Contingent on public health officials deeming it safe to restore travel, would you be in favour of creating a student-run shuttle bus service to connect Concordia campus to Downtown Toronto, Manhattan and Boston on weekends and holidays? To fund this service, a fee-levy of $0.29 (twenty-nine cents) per credit will be billed to students every semester, opt-outable."

Please note that this is not a vote for this question, but merely a signature to get the question onto the CSU ballot.

*Due to current situations surrounding COVID-19, it's likely that the public health restrictions will be partially lifted by Fall 2021 and thus restrictions on seating may be imposed due to physical distancing rules.
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Would you like to join the *PRIORITY WAITLIST* for the service's debut launch in Fall 2021?
The pandemic is unlikely to go away entirely by Fall 2021, but it may be safe again to restore travel at a limited seating capacity. If transportation was restored by then and that the pandemic was under control, would you like to join the priority waitlist today so that you can travel with us in Fall 2021?
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