Summer Learning 2020
You did it! You worked hard on your learning during the summer and we are going to celebrate! Please indicate below which summer learning activities you completed. It's OK if you didn't do EVERYTHING listed below; just share with us what you were able to work on. All students who completed summer work will be invited to a celebration this fall!
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School student is attending in the Fall of 2020 *
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Questions for students
The following questions are for students to answer. Parents and families are encouraged to help younger students answer these questions.
I worked in my "Summer Bridge" book and...
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I read during the summer and here are how many books I read...
I kept a summer journal.
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I went on some learning websites to practice my skills.
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I was tutored in my learning by someone.
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I did something different to work on my learning and here is what I did....
One important thing that I learned this summer was...
Question for parents and families
The following question is for the parents and adult caregivers of students.
Please share with us one way your child grew as a learner this summer.
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