Volunteer Registration | Latinx Youth Summit 2017
This year's LYS will be at Grays Harbor College

There will be no Volunteer Orientation Dinner. Specifics on the campus and volunteer job descriptions will be e-mailed to all who register.

For any questions please contact Marlene White: m.w.gomez@hotmail.com
For info about the Latinx Youth Summit, please visit: hispanicroundtable.org

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*Note: if you are an interpreter at the Summit, we may need simultaneous interpretation during workshops as well.
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If you are presenting a workshop or staffing a table: please sign up to volunteer at a time that does not conflict with your workshop/table schedule.
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If so, please state which accommodations you will need below. Or e-mail Marlene at m.w.gomez@hotmail.com
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We need GHC volunteers for specific tasks that require knowledge of the campus.
The Latinx Youth Summit background checks all volunteers to ensure the safety of our young participants.
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Note: A criminal record will be considered as it relates to specifics of the volunteer position for which you are applying. A criminal record may prevent an individual from volunteering, depending on the nature of the offense I authorize the contact of listed references and understand a criminal background check will be completed prior to final consideration of my application to volunteer. I understand that misrepresentation or omission of required information is just cause for non-appointment as a volunteer with Hispanic Roundtable. I understand that I serve at the pleasure of Hispanic Roundtable and agree to abide by the policies of Hispanic Roundtable and individual program areas and to fulfill the volunteer responsibilities to the best of my ability.
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