SciPy 2019 BOFs Submission Form
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The moderator submits the BoF topic, recruits attendees and panelists, starts and moderates the session.  Moderators are encouraged to either identify participants that will attend (for roundtable or more informal BoFs), to estimate attendance numbers, or identify panelists in advance for panelist discussions.
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Please provide contact information for a backup moderator in the event that the moderator cannot attend.
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BoF title for the program.
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A brief description of the BoF subject for the program.
If there are other related BoFs where scheduling overlap should be avoided, please list them here.
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There are two primary formats for BoF sessions. The first is an informal or roundtable discussion session. The second is a moderated panel discussion, inviting substantial contributions from the audience. Both these types of discussions require one or two moderators to ensure that the discussion is both guided and cohesive.
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Note: Five panelists are not required.
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