Shaking the Tree Summer Camp Survey
Thanks so much for being apart of another great summer at Shaking The Tree! We love being able to create theatre with your young people. In an effort to best serve our young artists, we have a few questions we’d love to ask, to both adults and students.
Questions for Campers
What was the most exciting part of camp?
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What was the most fun part of camp?
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What was the most challenging part of camp?
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If you had to describe the camp in one word, what would it be?
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Is there a story or book you’d love to do at a Shaking the Tree camp?
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Would you recommend Shaking the Tree camp to a friend of yours?
Can you tell us why you would or would not recommend Shaking the Tree camp?
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Questions for Parents
Was this your first Shaking The Tree camp?
If Yes, how did you hear about us?
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Have you been to a Shaking the Tree performance before?
Would you take your child to a youth focused performance created by Shaking the Tree?
Does your child go to any other theatre camps?
Is there anything that would make the Shaking the Tree camp experience better for your camper?
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Are there any major differences between Shaking the Tree and other drama camps? If so (and if you don’t mind sharing) what are they?
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